ADCC launches Troféu Brasil in São Paulo and awaits ADCC 2013 in Brazil

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Bráulio Estima upon winning ADCC 2011 supermatch. He may face André Galvão in Brasil in 2013. Photo:

The most captivating of the world’s submission wrestling tournaments, the ADCC looks likely to touch down in Brazil in 2013. According to ADCC general secretary Wagner Gomes, the plans are on the cusp of fruition.

“We have the best competitors on the planet in the ADCC, and holding a grappling World Cup in Brazil means the event has to be on par with the level of the athletes. Our plan is to hold the biggest grappling show here in Brazil. We already put together a group of committed people who are working to exhaustion to do so,” he said with optimism. The ADCC has already been held in the South American nation once, in 2003 at Ibirapuera Gymnasium in São Paulo.

News from the ADCC doesn’t end at that. The tournament is entering this season revamped, even with a new federation, the Brazilian ADCC Federation, charged with the task of managing the ADCC brand in Latin America.

The entity will already be holding its first event, Troféu Brasil, on the coming 30th of June in São Paulo. Contestant age groups are divided as follows: 14/15 years of age, 15/16, adult beginner, intermediate, professional, master and senior.

“It’s important that we establish standard divisions and apply ADCC rules. That way the athletes will gain more experience and have more opportunities to test themselves,” explained Wagner. ADCC 2013, however, will only feature an adult division and the usual seven weight classes.

Troféu Brasil will take place at Esporte Clube Sírio, in the Moema borough of São Paulo City. All the divisions will pay out in cash prizes and kits.

“There will be another event come September, the inaugural Pan-American ADCC, and in 2013 there’ll be the inaugural Qualifying ADCC, where we offer sign-up, travel and board for the 2013 ADCC Trials,” said the promoter.

Sign-ups for Troféu Brasil are open at .

Further information can be obtained by telephone, (21) 7864-2029 (Nextel: 10*2001), from Wagner Gomes himself.

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