Abu Dhabi: European champions in Jiu-Jitsu mood

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Ahmad Al Ammar and Ammar Muitie with Lieutenant Colonel Abdulmunen Al Hahemi, one of the biggest backers of Jiu-Jitsu in Abu Dhabi.

The ability to watch the Brazilian Abu Dhabi Pro tryouts live via the internet seems to have excited the fighters residing in Abu Dhabi. The city is entering the mood of what promises to be a memorable week for the fight world.

With television commercials, videos and posters in major shopping centers, MMA and Jiu-Jitsu is taking everyone by storm.
On Sunday night, while tryouts took place in southern Brazil, many Jiu-Jitsu practitioners in Abu Dhabi were in front of their computers analyzing the matches.

Demente really impressed me; he’s a strong candidate for the 12 thousand dollars offered the absolute champion” Zumbi Larara

That was the case with Zumbi Larara, who had an excellent match with Tarsis Humphreys in the first installment of the World Pro last year: “I found the technical level of tryouts to be really high, the guys are very well prepared. Ricardo Demente really impressed me; I think he’s a strong candidate for 12 thousand dollars offered to the absolute champion, but we are training hard here, too. ”

Others who didn’t take their eyes off the screen were brown belt Ammar Mutie and blue belt Ahmad Al Ketbi, respectively gold and bronze medalists in the masters division at the European championship. Both born and raised in Abu Dhabi, they are a generation that grew up watching the ADCC, when it included José Mario Sperrry, Renzo and Royler Gracie, Ricardo Arona and Ricardo Cachorrão.

These Jiu-Jitsu lovers are the main and effective means of disseminating the gentle art in the Middle Eastern population. “Watching the Brazilian tryouts was the same as taking a lesson in strategy. Brazil never stops producing exceptional fighters, but we’re learning,” says Ammar.

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