Abmar Barbosa and his wanderings around the world with Jiu-Jitsu

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Abmar em ação no Asiático. Foto: Kinya Hashimoto

Always a handful in competitions, black belt Abmar Barbosa has traveled the world to compete and teach seminars. Furthermore, Abmar helps out in the training of UFC fighter Joe Lauzon, who has a fight coming up. Check out the fighter’s chat with GRACIEMAG.com.

How has life been since you left Brazil for the United States to compete and teach class?

Since moving to the United States to fulfill my dream, which is to teach, a lot of good stuff has happened to me and lots of opportunities have arisen. This past month I had the pleasure of teaching a number of seminars around the world.

Where all did you go?

My trip started in Hawaii. I went to compete at the IBJJF’s Honolulu Open and managed to take silver in the absolute. After that I went to Japan, where I competed at the Asian Open and won my division and the absolute, closing out with my friend Marquinhos de Souza, of Bonsai.

You have any new projects coming up?

Following the championship in Japan, I returned to the USA to shoot my DCD, which will launch in November. Once filming was over, I went to teach at a Drysdale JJ branch in Canada, where I stayed for six days and taught a seminar. Then I went to Europe: Ireland, Belgium, and Holland, teaching seminars and classes.

Is it true you are also helping out fighters training for the UFC?

When I was in Europe, Joe Lauzon, a UFC fighter who trains Jiu-Jitsu with me, called me saying he is going to fight at UFC 123 on November 20, the one where Lyoto Machida and Quinton Jackson will fight. So I returned to returned to the USA to help Joe brush up on his ground game for the fight.

And how is Joe Lauzon’s Jiu-Jitsu? In his last fight, against Gabe Ruediger, he put on quite a show on the ground…

A lot of folks ask me about his Jiu-Jits and our strategy for the fight. I reply by saying our aim is to be good in all respects. I don’t want to know about the opponent, I want to know about Joe. I want him to do well in Jiu-Jitsu, but also to have good cardio, explosiveness, and standup. Joe has a number of excellent professionals helping him and, aside from that, he’s naturally good. He’s really strong. I feel Joe is a complete fighter who always has a lot of desire to win. His ground game is sharp and it’s really hard to keep him from getting out of a position. And if you blink and mess up, it’s over. He gets you.

What’s your next competition?

As I have to train Joe Lauzon for his fight, I won’t make it to the South American Championship in Brazil. I have an American student named Garret who will represent me there. He a purple belt and recently was runner-up in the absolute division of the Pan and the New York Open, and he’s only 70 kg (155 lbs).

And will you carry on teaching seminars?

This Saturday, October 22, I’ll be at one of my branches, Two Swords BJJ academy. On Sunday I’ll be at black belt Brian Caldwell’s Intenze MMA Academy. Those interested can shoot an email to abmarbarbosa@hotmail.com. Thanks to you all at GRACIEMAG.com and GRACIEMAG magazine!

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