2015 Worlds No-Gi: brackets out, here are our predictions for the black belt finalists

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Worlds No-Gi at the Pyramid

Worlds No-Gi at the Pyramid tomorrow

gamenessThe 2015 Worlds No-Gi is almost ready to go.

The IBJJF has released the brackets and the order of fighter for the weekend in Long Beach.

Click here to access the brackets, schedule and order of fights.

With the brackets drawn, we can indulge in one of our favorite things, which is to try to predict who’s going to be in the final match of each weight class of the black belt division.

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Here we go.


ROOSTER – Caio Terra vs. Washington Lima


Terra is a clear favorite to win his eighth title in the event. On the other side of the bracket, it’s going to be a fierce battle for a spot in the final.

LIGHT-FEATHER – João Miyao vs. Samir Chantre


There’s already a good rivalry going on between Miyao and Samir. If everything goes according to recent events, they should meet in the final once again.

FEATHER –  Gianni Grippo vs. Paulo Miyao


First of all, let’s just say it’s going to be an awesome bracket. There so many great names here, we can only expect great things. On one side, you have Gianni, Vitor Paschoal, Isaque Paiva and Tanquinho. Gianni’s routine of competition could give him an edge against his opponents. On the other side, Paulo Miyao will have a lot of trouble to beat tough people like Baret Yoshida, Kim Terra, Osvaldo Moizinho, among others.

LIGHT – Garry Tonon vs. Gabriel Rollo



Another packed division that should offer great thrills for the crowd. As early as the quarterfinals, you could have matches like Garry Tonon vs. Michael Langhi. With so many tough names, it’s hard to pick the finalists, but we did it anyway.

MIDDLE – Marcelo Mafra vs. Otavio Sousa


Great thrills in this one too. On one side, last year’s champion Marcelo Mafra will have to defend his crown against new talents like Jonathan Satava. On the other side, Otavio Sousa will probably meet former champion DJ Jackson in a thrilling semifinal for the other spot in the gold medal decider.

MEDIUM-HEAVY – Josh Hinger vs. Matheus Diniz

Matheus Diniz

Matheus Diniz

Josh Hinger has already proved what he can do in a no-gi competition. Matheus Diniz will be hungry to repeat his recent performance at the Pan No-Gi/

HEAVY – Jackson Sousa vs. Felipe Pena


Felipe Pena had an impressive performance at the 2015 ADCC, where he was stopped only by Rodolfo Vieira. On the other side of the bracket, Jackson Sousa is the favorite to be in the final. Tim Spriggs is out due to a rotator cuff injury.

SUPER-HEAVY – João Assis vs. Roberto Alencar


2014 champion João Assis will do his best to defend his title. Lucas Rocha and James Puopolo on his side of the bracket and Roberto Alencar, Eliot Kelly and Guybson Sá on the opther side will the biggest obstacles in João’s way.

ULTRA-HEAVY –  Roberto Cyborg vs. Jared Dopp


What a great battle will be if Cyborg and newcomer Mahamed Aly meet in the semifinal. On the other side, Jared Dopp should also have tough matches against Gustavo Elias and Gabriel Lucas.




The division should have great finals like Mackenzie Dern vs. Tammi Musumeci (Feather).

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