2014 WPJJC: know who are the black belt champions crowned in Abu Dhabi

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The champions of the male black belt division and the female brown/black belt have been crowned this Thursday in Abu Dhabi.

Here are the results and the best images of the finals.

For the full results, go to uaejjf.org

Joao Miyao beat Tiago Bravo 4-0

Miyao came up short in many attempts to submit Bravo after a beautiful berimbolo that ended with the hooks in.

Leo Saggioro beat J. Loska 6-2

Saggioro untied the match in the last seconds with a skillful taking of the back from the closed guard.

Roberto Satoshi caught Sergio Benini in a choke from the back

Satoshi reached his second gold medal in Abu Dhabi by imposing his game to Benini.

Leandro Lo beat Victor Estima by refs decision after a 4-4 tie

In a very close match, two out of three refs saw more offensiveness in Lo.

Andre Galvão beat Romulo Barral 2-0 with a sweep

Galvão got the sweep early and defended Barral’s attacks well to win.

Braulio Estima caught Tarcisio Jardim with a triangle choke

Estima used his long legs to surprise Jardim into a deadly triangle.

Rodolfo Vieira caught Luiz Panza with an armlock

Vieira put his game into action since the very beginning and passed, mounted and went for the arm.

Marcus Buchecha beat Alex Trans 2-0 with a takedown

In a tough match, Buchecha’s explosive start awarded him the win.


Ariadne Oliveira caught Nadia Canal with an armlock

Luiza Monteiro beat Beatriz Mesquita 6-4

Janni Larson beat Pollyana Lago 6-0

Gabi Garcia beat Dominika Obelenyte 5-0

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