Worlds: Buchecha, Rodolfo already in; register before 11:59PM

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Rodolfo Vieira and Marcus Buchecha in the 2012 Worlds

Rodolfo Vieira and Marcus Buchecha in the 2012 Worlds

With less than 2 hours left until the final deadline, the 2014 Worlds registration list still lacks some important names.

Marcus Almeida, Rodolfo Vieira have just signed in.

Gabi Garcia still hasn’t registered.

Rodolfo is in the superheavy category, to compete against Bernardo Faria, Leo Nogueira, Gustavo Pires and Igor Silva, among others.

Buchecha is in the ultra-heavy division, alongside Alex Trans, Ricardo Evangelista, Rodrigo Cavaca, Abraham Messina and others.

In the female division, Gabi Garcia must be in the newly created superheavy bracket, which already have Luzia Fernandes, Andrea Pereira and Venla Luukkonen.

On the other hand, the 2014 Worlds will have many amazing stars in the black belt division.

Caio Terra, Bruno Malfacine and João Miyao in the roosterweight;

Gui Mendes, Gabriel Moraes, Paulo Miyao in the light-feather;

Rafael Mendes, Rubens Cobrinha, Mario Reis, Gianni Grippo in the featherweight;

Lucas Lepri, Michael Langhi, JT Torres, Roberto Satoshi in the lightweight;

Gabi Garcia, Worlds 2013, Jiu-Jitsu, Female

Gabi at the 2013 Worlds absolute black belt final

Otavio Sousa, Leandro Lo, Clark Gracie, Lucas Leite in the middleweight;

Romulo Barral, Keenan Cornelius, Guto Campos, Braulio Estima in the medium-heavy;

André Galvão, Jackson Sousa, Yuri Simões, Tarsis Humphreys in the heavyweight;

Bernardo Faria, Leo Nogueira, Rodolfo Vieira (not registered yet), Gustavo Pires,  James Puopolo in the superheavy;

Marcus Buchecha (not registered yet), Rodrigo Cavaca, Alex Trans, Abraham Messina in the ultra-heavy.

The female black belt division also has its share of stars, such as Leticia Ribeiro, Ariadne Oliveira, Nyjah Easton, Michelle Nicolini, Mackenzie Dern, Beatriz Mesquita, Luiza Monteiro, Luanna Alzuguir, Hannette Staack, Ana Laura Cordeiro, Tammy Griego, Andressa Correa, Fernanda Mazzelli, among many others.

So hurry and register now.

The final deadline is today, May 19, at 11:59PM (PT).

Click here for more info and to register.

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