Small steps, always ahead

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Our GMA in Italy, Frederico Tisi, head of Frederico Tisi Jiu-Jitsu Network, with BJJ schools all over the country, wrote in his blog about the experience of Italians at the 2010 World BJJ Championship.

Altougth results were not those expected, Tisi sees the bright side of the experience, as he wrote.

“The Worlds were not a success for Italians atlhetes. It would be easy just to point fingers and say that those who tried to do something important to tell they failed.(…) But, I believe that there are factors to celebrate. Jiu-Jitsu is growing in Italy. For the first time, I saw athletes from academies not linked to mine. When we have other teams competing in world class competitions, thats a good thing. (…) I also saw that the age average of our competitors was low and that means we will soon have a group of athletes under 30 to be competitive.”

Tisi’s reflection goes on. He finishes it with a strong and important phrase:

“With students always learning, we shall never lose”.

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