See how Copa Podio competitors prepare in last weeks before Sept. 8 event

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The second edition of the Copa Podio Middleweight Grand Prix will be on Sunday, September 8 in Rio de Janeiro. The ten athletes, who are separated in two groups, will match-up against each opponent within their group. Whoever earns the most points will move on to compete against those who earned the most points in the opposite group.

Check out where the athletes are before the big show in a few days:

Travis Stevens made his way from Boston to the Graciemag headquarters in Rio with CEO Luca Atalla and team. Photo: Alan Teo

Kit Dale traveled from Australia and is around Rio training at major academies like the one here, Checkmat Copacabana. Photo: Kit Dale

Paulo Miyao competed in a local tournament and closed out with his brother Joao. Photo: Paulo Miyao

Davi Ramos won his most recent MMA fight with a guillotine in the first round. Photo: Davi Ramos

Felipe Pene trained with his instructor Draculino as the Gracie Barra Texas leader visited Brazil. Photo: Felipe Pena

Manny Diaz flew into Sao Paulo and trained with Leandro Lo who will be facing Claudio Calasans in a superfight. Photo: Manny Diaz

The full schedule for the event in PST or LA time is as follow:

City Challenge(No time limit to submission) – 1:00 pm (LA)
Manaus (Diego Borges) x San Diego (Clark Gracie)

ROUND 1 GP – 2:00 PM (LA)
Verde Renato Cardoso x Travis Stevens
Verde Paulo Miyao x Manuel Diaz
Amarelo Felipe Preguiça x Alexandro Ceconi
Amarelo Diogo Moreno x Davi Ramos

ROUND 2 GP – 2:35 pm (LA)
Verde Paulo Miyao x Jaime Canuto
Verde Manuel Diaz x Travis Stevens
Amarelo Diogo Moreno x Kit Dale
Amarelo Alexandro Ceconi x Davi Ramos

ROUND 3 GP – 3:10 pm (LA)
Verde Manuel Diaz x Renato Cardoso
Verde Travis Stevens x Jaime Canuto
Amarelo Davi Ramos x Felipe Preguiça
Amarelo Alexandro Ceconi x Kit Dale

ROUND 4 GP – 3:45 pm (LA)
Verde Travis Stevens x Paulo Miyao
Verde Jaime Canuto x Renato Cardoso
Amarelo Alexandro Ceconi x Diogo Moreno
Amarelo Kit Dale x Felipe Preguiça

ROUND 5 GP – 4:20 pm (LA)
Verde Jaime Canuto x Manuel Diaz
Verde Renato Cardoso x Paulo Miyao
Amarelo Kit Dale x Davi Ramos
Amarelo Felipe Preguiça x Diogo Moreno

Leandro Lo x Cláudio Calasans

Catch the livestream by going to



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