Prof. Rodrigo Rato, from Soneca Jiu-Jitsu, is dead at 39 of covid-19

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Sunday, March 21st, brought the death of the black-belt Rodrigo Pereira Gomes, known in BJJ circles as “Rodrigo Rato.”

A teacher at a Soneca Jiu-Jitsu branch in Osasco, Rato was 39 and had healthy habits. Even so, he was unable to resist the disease’s rapid evolution.

Very shaken with the death of his student and good friend, Prof. Allyson “Soneca” Pinheiro sent us a statement:

“Rato was the first student of Team Soneca Jiu-Jitsu promoted black-belt. Owner of the academy CT Km 18 Rodrigo Rato Jiu-Jitsu, my great friend had his trajectory interrupted due to complications of Covid-19 and left us soon after turning 39. The Soneca Jiu-Jitsu family is in mourning and thanks Rato for all of his work through the years and his loyalty to the gentle art, to the team, the students… May the Lord receive you with open arms, my friend, my brother, my black-belt, my eternal samurai! We will love you for all eternity! Oss!”

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