Practical lesson: Learn how to control the back, with Rogério Poggio

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Do you still have trouble attacking from the back and stabilizing the control with both hooks? Then check out this blitz by Prof. Rogério Poggio from the FJJD-Rio and CBJJD’s Mineirinho Circuit.

Note, in the following video, how Poggio controls his opponent’s lapels and spreads his weight before rushing to the side. Then, in a move of great agility, the Infight teacher inserts the first hook with the left foot and falls backward, pulling his opponent toward him. Poggio attacks the neck, forcing his opponent to defend and open up space for the second hook, with the right foot, to come in and stabilize the back control, resulting in 4 points showing up on the scoreboard.

Click here if you want to see the complete fight.

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