GRACIEMAG #156: get yours at your GMA academy

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This month GRACIEMAG gathered more than 30 teachers in an attempt to answer the question countless parents and competitors are asking: what’s the formula that makes a Jiu-Jitsu champion?


Skeptical teachers may scoff saying there’s no mystery to it, just eat, work out and specialize in two or three positions. Well they’re wrong: To forge a winning mentality in the sport, there’s much more to do. Secure your copy and check it out.


In Training Program, a different sort of question was proposed: what can you, Reader with a capital R, learn from female Jiu-Jitsu? To answer that one, we called on huberchampion Hannette Quadros to demonstrate positions where strength is completely overwhelmed by technique. Macho men will love it, and the ladies will, too.


The European Jiu-Jitsu Championship panned out with some eye-pleasing images and major lessons – and further queries. What did Guto Campos, a lifelong middleweight, do to submit the technical and meaty Rodrigo Cavaca in the open weight final? What did Fabio Gurgel do to become heavyweight champion in his adult division return? Only GRACIEMAG has the answers.


The GMA section features the athletes and academies that dazzled at the European Championship (from Gracie Barra Alaska to Jordan Team), Jiu-Jitsu taught in a Canadian school and the hard work of Mauricio Zingano, Joshua Lauber, Gustavo Dantas and many others.


There’s also Natural Gymnastics, a new training routine from Martin Rooney and Gracie Diet, vital ingredients for those whose dreams including medal winning.

As you’ll find out with the issue in hand, it all comes down to the pursuit of inner peace – regardless of whether you’re an impassioned practitioner or a future champion.

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