Brazil National Pro: know who stamped their passports for the 2016 WPJJC

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Gabriel Lucas

Gabriel Lucas

The Brazil National Pro took place this weekend in Brasilia, Brazil’s capital city.

Differently from previous years, only the champions of the open class divisions (light and heavy).

Even so, the weight division were fiercely fought until champions were crowned.

62kg;  Alessandro Fernandes (Kimura) won three matches to become the champion.

69kg: Paulo Miyao (Cicero Costha) finished two out his opponents to claim the gold medal.

77kg: Wellington Alemão (Cicero Costha)  beat Claudio Caloquinha (GB) and Felipinho Cesar (Barbosa JJ) for the title.

85kg: Fernando Toshio won the division.

94kg: Renato Cardoso had his foot lock technique well trained to claim the title.

+94kg: Pedro Moura (Ribeiro JJ) beat Gilmar Ferreira (GB) by ref decision in the final.

On day 2 (Sunday), the two open class brackets played out.

Paulo Miyao had to fight five times until the final triumph in the light open class.

In the final, he beat Gabriel Rollo 4-2 for the travel package.

In the heavy open class, Gabriel Lucas made it to the top.

He beat Igor Tigrão with two guard passes for the gold medal and the stamp on his passport.

In the female division, the open class champions were: Luiza Monteiro (light), Nath Karoline (heavy).

Another edition of the Brazil National Pro takes place Oct. 17-18, in São Paulo.

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