The 18-second fight for absolute gold at the São Paulo BJJ Pro

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Carina Santi celebrates the absolute title.

What can you do in 18 seconds during a roll? A cunning takedown, or a safe guard pull, perhaps. But in the case of Carina Santi, a black-belt at G13BJJ, 18 seconds was enough time to amass five points and finish for absolute gold at the São Paulo BJJ Pro, a tournament held early this month.

To achieve this, Carina pulled guard and quickly swept. Then she advanced to the side as Jéssica Swanson (Soul Fighters) tried to escape. Noticing her opponent’s oversight, Carina went for the collar and choked her, the clock still showing less than 20 seconds. The win was made sweeter by the check she won for 1,500 reais.

Watch the following video for a good example of how not to let your opponent get settled in, like, at all.

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