Lifestyle: Leandro Lo proves that simplicity goes a long way

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Leandro Lo in the cover of GRACIEMAG #202

Leandro Lo in the cover of GRACIEMAG #202

Leandro Lo is making history in Jiu-Jitsu. Black Belt under Cicero Costha in Brazil, the young athlete, 25, has been training in the gentle art for more than ten years now alongside other high-level competitors, such as the Miyao Brothers. As an avid competitor, he has accumulated so far a distinctive amount of victories in his carrier as a fighter and today places second in the official IBJJF Adult Black Belt ranking.

Born in São Paulo and with a unique fighting style, Lo is a current three times Jiu-Jitsu World Champion who has also won multiple gold medals at other prestigious tournaments, including the WPJJC, Pan Jiu-Jitsu and Brazilian National Championships. Last November, he defeated Gilbert Burns at Copa Podio – event in which he holds an almost perfect record since 2011.

While the ace Leandro Lo is highly known by his fancy Jiu-Jitsu, It might be the champion’s simplistic way of looking at life that is giving him the advantages to succeed. Here at, he talks about his lifestyle, what motivates him to compete and how he blends diet and training.

How do you combine diet and training?

My first training session is at 11am. Usually, in the morning I don’t feel hungry so I just drink an açaí and orange juice smoothie. When I’m trying to gain weight to move up in category, I replace the smoothie with a protein shake. My training finishes around noon, and then right after I eat lunch. I always have rice and beans with chicken or meat, salad or pasta. After my afternoon training I usually eat a snack high in protein, often with chicken. As I’m trying to put up some weight right now, I’m taking creatine, protein and carbo supplements as well. I don’t have a strict diet though; I often eat anything.

What is your biggest motivation to train and compete?

My love for Jiu-Jitsu, which makes me always want to evolve and win.

How would you describe your Lifestyle?

So, I think I would describe it as “I live my life intensively”.

Leandro Lo and Gilbert Burns battled for over 20 minutes last November at the Copa Podio, in Rio de Janeiro.

See how Lo was able to win the thrilling match in Brazil:

Leandro Lo VS Gilbert Durinho (Luta Especial) from Copa Podio on Vimeo.


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