Josh Hinger’s kata-gatame pressure at the Long Beach Open

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Josh Hinger raises his hips and presses down at the same time he squeezes the kata-gatame. 

Long Beach, Calif. held early this month the IBJJF’s Long Beach Open, featuring many top-tier athletes.

A brave Josh Hinger was the name of the event. With a history of fighting in both adults’ and masters’ sections in IBJJF tournaments, this time he mixed it up with the younger folk to great effect. The American bagged double gold, with his most interesting play happening in the fight for medium heavyweight gold.

Fighting Gabriel Almeida (Checkmat), Josh was predominantly on top. However, as he rid himself of the tangle, the Atos black-belt managed to impose his game and end up on the mount. In the final minutes, in order to secure the win, Josh dove with his head to trap Gabriel’s arm in a kata-gatame and made a quick move with his legs to leave the mount for the side with a knee on his opponent’s belly, applying pressure from multiple angles to conclude the fight.

Pick up some details from the following video.

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