Gracie Diet: The best protein for athletes?

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Wild Salmon Sushi and Sashimi.

Wild Salmon Sushi and Sashimi.

Wild salmon is considered one of the best sources of protein. Especially for athletes and people who enjoy intensive workout routines.

According to, “salmon is one of the most nutrient dense proteins, full of essential Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as vitamins B12 and B6. Salmon can help reduce inflammation in our bodies through it’s high content of Omega-3’s, which is valuable for athletes.”

Tonia Reinhard, author of Superfoods – the healthiest foods on the planet, tell us that the omega-3 fatty acids have preventive and therapeutic effects because inhibit inflammation and cardiovascular diseases.

The website posted: “Oily fish, like salmon, mackerel, and trout, are good sources of lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation that can hamper athletic performance and contribute to chronic conditions like heart disease.”

Learn how to make a Salmon Sushi Roll:

A study at the University of Washington showed that people consuming at least one 3-ounce (85-g) serving of fatty fish, such as Salmon, a week had a 70 percent reduction in the risk for cardiac arrest.

Another thing to consider is to make an option for the consumption of Wild Alaskan Salmon once concerns have been raised about the high presence of PCBs found in farmed salmon.

If you want to make the most out of Salmon in your diet, combine it with fresh green salad and or a portion of complex carbohydrates like quinoa, vegetables, brown rice or whole wheat pasta.




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