Learn a Gracie Diet snack made from guava, cheese and watermelon

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An expert on and lover of the Gracie Diet, Carlos Gracie’s grandson Marco Imperial taught us how to prepare a light and delicious snack, like the one’s comprising the diet popularized by his grandfather. The ingredients: tapioca with white cheese cooked in a frying pan with guava pulp.

“I make the tapioca crepe with sweet tapioca flour. I mix the flour with a bit of guava pulp until it’s of a consistency similar to tapioca dough but a bit red,” explained Marco Gracie Imperial. “So I strain the dough and fry it on the stove. When the tapioca stops sticking to the pan I flip it over and add white cheese and cream cheese. Then I make a watermelon juice to go with it.”

What do you say, does that make your taste buds shout?

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