Black-belts to watch at the 2018 World Master Championship

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Zé Mario Sperry will be vying for another title in the master 5 age group.

This Wednesday marks the kick-off to the 2018 World Master IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship in Las Vegas.

The event will run from the 22nd through the 25th and is all about experience, with athletes from all ranks and weight divisions on the mats.

In the black belt, the sign-up sheet has names like those of world champions Fredson Paixão, Gilbert Durinho, Tarsis Humphfreys, Felipe Costa, Omar Salum, Rodrigo Comprido, Roberto Traven, Mario Sperry, Cláudia do Val and Talita Treta.

We took a look at who has enrolled and brought back some names to be excited for, organized by age groups. Here they are:


Master 1

Ivaniel Oliveira
José Tiago
Samir Chantre
Marcelo Yoshii
Osvaldo Queixinho
Marcelo Lapela
Caio Almeida
Eduardo Teta
Raphael Iunes
Rafael Formiga
Gilbert Durinho
Diogo Moreno
Tarsis Humphfreys
Gabriel Checco
Romulo Caju
Joao Assis
Eliot Kelly
Fernando Camolês
Igor Silva


Kristina Baarlan
Shanti Abelha
Ana Maria Índia
Claudia do Val
Talita Treta

Master 2

Leandro Tatu
Felipe Costa
Denilson Pimenta
Alexandre Salgado
Daniel Wanderley
Rafael Dallinha
Fredson Paixão
Sergio Benini
Victor Bomfim
Flavio Almeida “Cachorrinho”
Igor Araujo
Guto Campos
Fabricio Morango
Leonardo Peçanha
Fabio Giusti*
Fabiano Junior “Boi”
Roberto Cyborg
Bruno Bastos

Master 3

Mauro Ayres
Omar Salum
Vicente Junior
Gabriel Willcox
Eduardo Telles
Suyan Queiroz
Cleber Luciano
Jose Carlos Granja
Cassio Werneck
Marcos “Parrumpinha”
Rodrigo “Comprido”
Carlos Farias

Master 4

Alexandre Soca
Rodrigo Medeiros
Rogerio Poggio
Giva Santana
Roberto Traven
Fabiano “Pega Leve”

Master 5

Wellington Megaton
Zé Mario Sperry

Master 6

Helvecio Penna
Clayton Almeida

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