Kasai Super Series Orlando is ready to set fireworks on 4th of July

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[Press release.]

Kasai is in Orlando, that’s right, Jiu Jitsu at Disney!

“As the premier professional grappling show we were invited by the ISKA US Open to integrate in their traditional martial arts weekend. We believe this is a great opportunity to showcase our beautiful art to a non practitioner crowd” said Kasai’s president Rolles Gracie about Kasai’s choice to be have their show alongside the ISKA yearly multi martial arts show, which showcases all types of martial arts including sparring, brick and board breaking, kata demonstrations and more. They have over 50 rings, 3 ballrooms and 2 stages, Kasai center stage.

The card is stacked. The main event is set to be a great match between double Kasai belt holder Renato Canuto and Dante Leon. Very different grappling styles, each with the ability to completely stop the other. It will be interesting to see the back and forth between these styles and see which will come on top.

Then there is a showcase of old style OG Jiu Jitsu talent between Celsinho Venicius and Vagner Rocha. Once done with his weigh-in, Vagner stated “The fans are the ones who win when guys like us step on stage. Tomorrow we will just let Jiu Jitsu be Jiu Jitsu. Go out there and show what we love.”


Here is the full card:


Dante Leon vs Renato Canuto
Celso Venicius vs Vagner Rocha
Tex Johnson vs Craig Jones
Sofia Amarante vs Talita Alencar
Mansher Khera vs Enrico Cocco
Richie Martinez vs Gleison Tibau
Matheus Lutes vs Valdir Araújo
Jz Cavalcante vs Jorge ‘Macacao’ Patino



John Liniker vs Tony Way
Ricky Nelson vs Fabin Rosa
Josh Souder vs Thiago Domingues
Kevin Gallagher vs Aaron Conway
John Ortolani vs Julian Synan
Jose Velez vs Phil Rowe
Dylan Whyte vs Igor Feliz
Tiffani Friedman vs Maria Llaguno
Gabriel Napolitano vs Justin Primrose
Jay Enoch vs Lucas Napolitano
Elias Ramirez vs Mikey Conlon


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