BJJ: Jamil Hill’s sweep with armbar from the Washington Open

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Jamil landing the beautiful sweep that ended in an armbar.

Two thousand eighteen world champion Jamil Hill continues to be a force to reckon with months after his glorious campaign in California. Early this month at the Washington Summer Open, Jamil again shone at featherweight and landed the sort of move we’ve come to expect from him.

Fighting João Pereira, Jamil put his dangerous guard to work in order to reverse the match a few times. Wise to his opponent’s game, João managed to get up fast most of the time. To win, then, Jamil had to adjust his tactics. Instead of sweeping and securing the two points, the American representing team Lloyd Irvin attacked from the guard, swept and went straight for the arm, thus bagging the gold medal.

Watch Jamil’s remarkable technique below, and consider adding it to your own game.

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