Anti-cramps menu: 10 foods with more potassium than a banana

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Sweet potato is a healthy food.

Sweet potato is a healthy food.

Potassium is an important mineral in the Jiu-Jitsu fighter’s menu not just for its performance in the muscles. Besides avoiding cramps, potassium prevents acne, constipation, depression, fatigue, growth problems, insomnia, weakness, nervousness, and respiratory and cardiac problems.

However is not right to think that only bananas are a rich source of this substance. Today, GRACIEMAG researched the top 10 Gracie Diet foods high in potassium that are vital for you to fight and train martial arts.

In addition, melons, papayas, beans and pumpkins also contains good dose of potassium.

1. Potato (average) – 952 milligrams of potassium

2. Tomato sauce (1 cup) – 811mg

3. White beans (1/2 cup) – 595mg

4. Sweet potatoes (medium) – 542mg

5. Avocado (half) – 507mg

6. Goat milk (1 cup) – 498mg

7. Soy (1/2 cup) – 485mg

8. Beet (1 cup, grated) – 442mg

9. Damascus (1 cup, sliced) – 427mg

10. Tomato (1 cup, sliced) – 427mg

11. Banana (average) – 422mg

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