André Galvão’s 8 tips for better jiu-jitsu in 2018

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André Galvão training hard at Atos.

Two thousand eighteen is around the corner, and it brings a new season of training and learning on the mat. And in order for you to start the new year with the right foot, we dug up some good advice.

ADCC superchampion André Galvão is renowned for his explosive, forward-facing style. So get inspired by these eight tips from him as you welcome 2018.


1. Regardless of the score or the way the fight is going, you must never stop or think of quitting.

2. Dive right on in when you’re fighting. Show the quality of your jiu-jitsu in every match.

3. BJJ was made for fighting, not stalling. The sport is full of stallers who fight in order to claim they didn’t tap out to some guy or another.

4. Practice finishes of all aspects, from all scenarios.

5. Don’t have a game of one, two or three positions. Practice everything.

6. Find out where the main control lies for each position. Know how to kill your opponent’s grips.

7. The secret to getting good at a position is to practice it a lot, do a lot of quick transitions and hone it thoroughly with repetition and control.

8. Risk your positions and finishes when rolling at the gym, until they start manifesting themselves in tournaments.

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