5 tips for curbing anxiety and the effects of pressure

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Rickson Gracie practises a yoga breathing technique

If BJJ to you isn’t synonymous with pleasure and rest, respect and concentration, leisure and effort, then something may be wrong with your training. Oftentimes the fighter — especially the competitor — starts getting controlled by the pressure, by an extremely uncomfortable weight on the chest, an unpleasant sensation. We list here five tips that will help you tame anxiety and pressure in BJJ.

1 – Tape your training (if everyone agrees, of course) and edit the best moments with some exciting music. Most of the times, the fighter has no idea of what they’re capable of, even if they do that every day. A video can increase self-confidence and perception of competence, making the athlete more serene.

2 – Meditate before competing. Visualize arriving at the gymnasium, the smells and sounds. Think of the techniques you will be using.

3 – Control over breathing frequency must be observed on fight day, in an attempt to keep it normal all the time — 12 to 20 breaths per minute.

4 – The athlete must have their coach nearby throughout the entire competition, as much as possible, calming them down or guiding them when needed.

5 – After the tournament, the coach must support and praise what the young athlete did right, and avoid criticizing. The errors will become study objects in the endeavor to perfect the athlete for other similar situations.

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