Video: Rodolfo Vieira’s winning kata-gatame from UFC Uruguay

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Rodolfo won convincingly in his UFC debut.  

Rodolfo Vieira’s UFC debut unfolded the way every BJJ fan expected it to. Faced with Poland’s Oskar Piechota on August 10 at the UFC event held in Montevideo, Uruguay, Rodolfo did his job as intended to extend his undefeated record, now sitting at six wins.

In order to win, Rodolfo was agile in his striking, always hitting with the front hand, measuring the distance for his takedown entries — whether the single-leg or double-leg. Piechota, who has appeared in the ADCC, is no stranger to good ground game. Also a black-belt, the Pole resisted Rodolfo’s transitions in round 1, but the Brazilian was just too strong in his new takedown attempts. In round 2, having landed on top, Rodolfo adjusted the winning kata-gatame.

Watch the following videos to catch the detail used by Rodolfo to finish, as well as his impressions on a triumphant UFC debut.

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