The Jiu-Jitsu and MMA world’s most inspired statements of the week

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Fabio Gurgel foi escalado para superluta do ADCC 2013.jpg

Fabio Gurgel

“Guy (Neivens, ADCC producer) called me Friday night about doingo a supermatch with Zé Mario. I don’t know how it’s going to go yet. I think I’ll ask him to pull guard”

Fabio Gurgel, on his supermatch with Zé Mario at ADCC 2013, which may take place in Brazil


“In my opinion, the Metamoris Pro rules [no points or advantages] are good for whoever wants to fight for a draw; that is, for someone who intends to play defense for 24 hours”

André Galvão, on the Oct 24, 20-minute challenge match against Ryron Gracie in San Diego


“If it were a points match I have no doubt André would beat me. But fighting without points is the way to show the Jiu-Jitsu that I believe in, where the efficiency of the art shows through more. My grandfather always said, ‘I never defeated my opponents, they defeated themselves.’ It’s the opponent who makes the mistake for you to capitalize on and win”

Ryron Gracie


“I’m training three times a day here in Mexico. I do feel I’ll be able to compete in Tijuca soon”

Fernando Tererê, after submitting three opponents in three matches at an open tournament in Mexico on his victorious return to gi-clad competition


“You’ll be hard pressed to find a Carlson black belt who isn’t tough. Vitor Belfort’s Jiu-Jitsu was a bit outdate, his timing was a bit off, and I feel he was unmotivated when it came to ground training. Now, his Jiu-Jitsu’s up to date, modern and tight: he’s got what it takes to tap out anybody in the UFC”

Gilbert Durinho


“I hope to hand the match to Mackenzie with some advantage, otherwise we’ll be having a lovers’ quarrel afterwards”

Augusto Tanquinho, on the Couples Showdown at the December Copa Pódio. The couple will be taking on Davi Ramos and Marina Ribeiro


“He [Lyoto] should have accepted the Jones fight. We’ve seen similar cases before; now it could take him awhile to fight for the title. Now he’ll be fighting Dan Henderson. He may not even get another shot at the title. If he loses to Dan Henderson he won’t even be close to fighting Jon Jones”

Dana White, revealing that Lyoto Machida is set to face Dan Henderson by the end of the year


“I’m sorry to everyone that I won’t be fighting [at UFC Rio]. I tried all I could to be in the octagon up to the last second, but there was no way. I hope the UFC keeps the opponent and postpones the match-up, because I really want to fight him”

José Aldo, on the postponed fight with Frankie Edgar


“The Frankie Edgar interview we had scheduled for today fell through. He canceled. He was pissed when he found out Aldo got hurt, and he didn’t want to talk, to not cause controversy”

Conversation between two reporters

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