The flying armbar for gold at the Carlson Gracie Championship

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Henrique Moreira sinks the armbar that saves him. Flashsport

The traditional Carlson Gracie Championship, held by FJJ-Rio, had its 2018 edition take place in Rio de Janeiro this Saturday.

Athletes of all ages and ranks competed on the blue mats set up by the federation, but it was in the adults’ black belt absolute division that a curious play got everybody talking.

In the final, with a nice-looking belt on the line, recently promoted Henrique Moreira (Família Abi-Rihan) provided some proof that a fight is never really over before the whistle.

Trailing Rafael Braga (Brigadeiro JJ) 4-0, Henrique had no way to win other than by submission, and that was exactly what he did. With under 20 seconds left on the clock, he set the grips and leaped in a flying armbar. Enjoy it here:

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