Sunday Treasure: The “choosies” World Champion

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In 2009, Marcelo Gracie reached his third world title in the middleweight division.

Two more would come in the two following years to complete his impressive list of five titles in the division, from 2004 to 2011.

But the third one was unique, once it was not decided on the mats, well, at least the final decision was not made on the mats, but on the stands.

After three fights to make it to the final, including a semifinal battle against 2007 world champion Lucas Leite, Marcelinho secured his spot.

On the other side, teammate Sergio Moraes, the 2008 champion, had another perfect campaign and defeated Alan Nascimento to reach the final.

So one last question was left. Who would be crowned the champion?

For such good friends and training partners to fight for the gold medal seemed unlikely to happen.

So under the eyes of Alliance’s leader Fábio Gurgel, the two friends decided to settle the dispute with a simple game, one would say a childish way (but in a good sense).

With one draw of Choosies (or odds & evens) and the champion was decided: Marcelinho.

From the other side of the venue, GRACIEMAG captured the odd moment when a children’s game defined a black belt Jiu-Jitsu World Champion.

Here is the sequence of pictures.

Marcelinho and Serginho decide who has odds and who has evens.

One, two, three, draw!

And the winner is…Marcelinho!

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