Salvador Spring Open: Dimitrius Souza’s sneaky armbar on Cássio Francis

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Dimitrius Souza has his arm raised after beating Cássio Francis in the absolute division.

In one of the most anticipated matches of the IBJJF’s Salvador Spring Open, held last weekend in Brazil, Dimitrius Souza (Alliance) and Cássio Francis (Gracie Barra) were put face to face to determine the absolute champion in the gi.

As expected, it was a tough fight. Dimitrius used all of his skill to get past Cássio’s stubborn guard and reach the back. As he trailed by four points, Cássio turned sideways, allowing Dimitrius to sink the decisive move.

With Cássio’s arm already controlled, Dimitrius spins and employs the armbar. Note that the Alliance fighter doesn’t need to use his hands to bend his opponent’s arm, as Cássio’s wrist is trapped by the armpit. When Dimitrius passes the leg and raises his hips, Cássio’s elbow has already reached its limit.

Enjoy the fight below.

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