Last days to join Troféu Brasil ADCC lineup in São Paulo

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Marcelo Garcia against Kron Gracie (on bottom) at ADCC 2011: the Alliance ace came to fame at the 2003 ADCC. Photo: John Lamonica/GRACIEMAG.

This Wednesday marks the end of sign-ups for Troféu Brasil ADCC, a grappling tourney to take place next Saturday at the Esporte Clube Sírio club in São Paulo City. The event will feature the following divisions: 14-15 and 15-16 years of age, beginner and intermediate adult, professional, master and senior. The top-placed competitors from each division will win cash prizes and gift kits.

“Through this event we’re starting a new competition format under the traditional rules and style of the world recognized ADCC Submission Fighting tournament. The championship will help us assess the new pre-juvenile and juvenile, beginner and intermediate adult, professional and master and senior divisions,” said ADCC general secretary Wagner Gomes.

“A lot of athletes, especially in the adult division, have raised the question of whether we will be taking belt rank into account. It’s a delicate matter, because the ADCC does not distinguish between belt ranks. We receive athletes from several martial arts, like Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling and MMA, and so it doesn’t make much sense to consider belt rank, given how they come from different styles. But we’re looking at ways for athletes to compete as fairly as possible. We believe that by the October event we’ll have a new rule for the adult division” added the Brazilian organizational director.

To sign up, click here.

All athletes to register will be given an official event T-shirt, the first issue of official ADCC brand clothing.

The roster will be checked on Thursday, June 28, and the timetable will be released on Friday.

For further information, drop by . Or call (21) 7864-2029.

Later this year, the promoter’s plan to hold the ADCC Pan in Brazil. For all the latest and greatest from the Jiu-Jitsu world, stay tuned to

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