Gabriel Arges defeats Isaque Bahiense to win King of Mats GP in Abu Dhabi

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Gabriel Arges after beating Isaque Bahiense at King of Mats. Images: Ane Nunes/Gentle Art Media

After the thrills of the Grand Slam held in Abu Dhabi last Saturday, the Mubadala Arena held this Sunday another edition of King of Mats, this time focused on middleweights.

The line-up consisted of Gabriel Arges, Isaque Bahiense, Manuel Ribamar, Rudson Mateus, Lucas Hulk, Caio Caetano, Diego Ramalho, DJ Jackson, Espen Mathiesen and Roberto Satoshi.

The tournament started out split into two groups leading to a set of semifinals. In the first one, Gabriel Arges beat Manuel Ribamar. In the second, Isaque Bahiense beat Rudson Mateus.

The final saw Isaque take the lead with a sweep. Arges managed to sweep back, and the match wound up obstructed, with the athletes’ leg tangled. Isaque eventually let go, grabbed Arges and attempted a single-leg takedown. An alert Arges sank Isaque, came up with the underhook and countered with his own takedown, taking the back as he reached the ground. Arges tried to finish with a rear naked choke in the final seconds, but the final score remained a 6-2 in the Gracie Barra star’s favor.

Now Gabriel has secured a chance to fight Charles Negromonte, the sitting middleweight champion, for the belt.

Complete results:


King of Mats – Middleweight GP

Mubadala Arena, Abu Dhabi

Jan. 12, 2019


Groups stage

Gabriel Arges sub. Espen Mathiesen, choke from the back

Isaque Bahiense def. Roberto Satoshi 2-0, pts.

Rudson Mateus sub. Caio Caetano, armbar from the 50/50

Manuel Ribamar sub. Diego Ramalho, armbar

Lucas Hulk def. Gabriel Arges 3-0, pts.

DJ Jackson sub. Roberto Satoshi, wristlock

Espen Mathiesen sub. Caio Caetano, choke from the back

Isaque Bahiense def. Manuel Ribamar, decision

Rudson Mateus def. Lucas Hulk, decision

DJ Jackson def. Diego Ramalho 1-0, adv.

Gabriel Arges def. Caio Caetano, decision

Rudson Mateus def. Espen Mathiesen 4-0, pts.

Isaque Bahiense sub. Diego Ramalho, choke from the back

Manuel Ribamar def. DJ Jackson 9-0, pts.

Gabriel Arges def. Rudson Mateus 1-0, adv.

Espen Mathiesen def. Lucas Hulk 2-1, adv.

Isaque Bahiense def. DJ Jackson, decision



Gabriel Arges def. Manuel Ribamar 4-2, pts.

Isaque Bahiense def. Rudson Mateus 2-1, adv.



Gabriel Arges def. Isaque Bahiense 6-2, pts.


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