BJJ and self-defense: Get your mount right so you don’t get screwed

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It’s always good to remember that our BJJ, as well as a tool for good health, is an effective martial art when it comes to self-defense.

Another important detail is that a big chunk of the techniques taught in gyms is aimed at competitive BJJ, and that most self-defense positions can be used in competitions, but not all competition moves are useful in a real fight situation.

With that in mind, Vitor Terra of Gracie Terra gym recorded this video, where he explains an important detail for when one is using the mount in a self-defense scenario. The big mistake here is the athlete’s habit of gluing their head to the villain’s face; this can leave the athlete exposed to biting on the ear and shoulder.

Aware of the danger, Terra produces the solution with a different kind of mount — one that enables control over the aggressor and opens up a range of actions for containing them. Check it out in the video.

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