Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Rio: final results

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Isaque Bahiense and Gustavo Braguinha met in the 85kg final. Carlos Arthur Jr.

The final day of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Rio crowned the adult and master-1 champions, as well as the winners of the blue-belt and parajiu-jitsu tourneys.

This Sunday, Arena Carioca 1 in Rio de Janeiro also hosted the Abu Dhabi Legends superfight between former UFC athletes Carlão Barreto and Rafael Carino. With a takedown, Nova União’s Carino scored 2-0 to win.

Check out our summary of what went down below.


56kg – José “Cocó” Carlos (GFTeam) moved efficiently against David Herrera (Soul Fighters) to win 2-1 on advantages, 0-0 points.

62kg – Cícero Costha teammates Hiago George and João Miyao had a lively match. After back-and-forth sweeps and a score tied at 6-6 points, Hiago won by 1-0 advantage.

69kg – João Neto (Alliance) sank a triangle on Rafael Mansur (NS Brotherhood) early on.

77kg – With a takedown, Hugo Marques (Soul Fighters) scored 2-0 over Ricardo “Pingo” (NS Brotherhood).

85kg – Isaque Bahiense (Alliance) had a tough bout with Gustavo Braguinha (NS Brotherhood). Bahiense managed to squeeze out a 1-0 win on advantages.

94kg – Patrick Gaudio (GFTeam) nabbed the title over Guilherme Santos (Alliance) by decision.

110kg – A Pole with NS Brotherhood, Gerald Labinski scored an advantage over Igor Silva (Commando Group) from the half-guard and secured the win as he stabilized on top.


49kg – Mayssa Bastos (GFTeam) had no opponents.

55kg – Amanda Nogueira (GFTeam) outplayed her teammate Mayara Abraão by 2-0.

62kg – Bia Mesquita and Bia Basílio again met in a final. Mesquita swept and mounted for 6 points.

70kg – Ana Carolina “Baby,” Rodolfo Vieira’s sister, finished Thamara Silva (Cícero Costha) via choke.

90kg – Cláudia do Val (De la Riva) faced tough brown-belt Heloisa Ferreira (Alliance) and secured a decision win due to her several submission attempts.

GFTeam was the number-one team, followed by Gracie Barra and Nova União. For all the results across ranks and age groups, click here.

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