A Tererê exclusive: all there is to know about his signature takedown

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 Tererê goes in for his classic takedown in an exclusive lesson for Graciemag.

Known for his charisma and inexorable style on the mat, Fernando Augusto “Tererê” needs no introduction. A BJJ veteran, he was last seen in action in September in a superfight at Gracie Pro 2018.

The match with Raphael Abi-Rihan was one of the most highly anticipated of the event, and it went Tererê’s way after he applied his favorite takedown — with a twist that Graciemag made a point of learning and bringing back to you.

We paid a visit to Tererê’s gym in Rio de Janeiro, and he explained that the move used wasn’t exactly the “naughty one,” a staple of his game.

“After using it a lot in championships, people began defending well against the naughty one,” he said. “Abi-Rihan told me he was already wise to the naughty one, so in order to take him down, I had to use an adaptation that still doesn’t have a name.”

Inspired by the ko uchi makikomi that a purple-belt Tererê learned from the videos of Toshihiko Koga, the throw was adapted from judo to work in BJJ and, years later, was again tweaked to be effective in modern BJJ.

In the video below, recorded with exclusivity by our own Raphael Nogueira, Tererê breaks down (in Portuguese) the naughty one, talks about its origin and his experience with it, and then shows his most recent adaptation, involving a leg catch, that surprised his experienced opponent at the 2018 Gracie Pro.

Check it out and see whether it can fit your game too.

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