60 tips to make your body work better in training

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Bráulio passes on pointers on how to become a wizard of the mat. Photo: Regis Chen

GRACIEMAG 161 is already at bookstores and academies across the planet. Always looking to provide the greatest amount of information for Jiu-Jitsu practitioners (or not), the magazine serves up an article by Ivan Trindade, “The Perfectly Functioning Body,” a series of pointers on how fighters can improve their technical, competitive and physical performance… Indeed, indispensible reading for your evolution, whether you are a competitor or a practitioner looking to improve your quality of life through Jiu-Jitsu.

“The first meal is fundamental for starting your day out on the right foot. At breakfast, make fruits and carbohydrates the priority,” says Bráulio Estima as one of his tips.

“There’s no point in only thinking about training when you’re training. Off the mat, think about the technical side, what you can do to improve, how to adjust a certain position,” says Marcelo Garcia.

“When training with someone heavier than you, avoid positions that put your body at greater risk of injury,” opines Márcio Feitosa.

“Organize your training in the most varied way possible. That lowers the risk of muscular damage a lot,” prescribes physical conditioning coach Edson Ramalho.

Marcelo Garcia and Fabio Gurgel tell their secrets, too. Photo: Ivan Trindade

“Don’t stop training for long periods of time. After a certain age, returning is more difficult and the risk of injury increases significantly,” recommends Fabio Gurgel.

“Sleep at least eight hours per night. Sleep is essential for proper hormonal function. It improves your memory, learning and even increases your IQ,” professes physical conditioning coach and GRACIEMAG columnist Martin Rooney.

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