Roger Gracie faz guarda contra Marcus

Do baú: o Jiu-Jitsu e a guarda

Antes das finalizações consagradoras de Fabricio Werdum (sobre o poderoso Fedor) e de Anderson Silva (sobre o "poderosão" Sonnen), sua revista mais completa sobre Jiu-Jitsu já reforçava a importância da guarda. Confira, estude e aprenda!

What can you learn from Rolls?

Rolls Gracie departed us twenty-eight years ago. The lessons passed on by the mythological teacher, however, remain ever more up to date, as GRACIEMAG readers…

Brush up on your sweeps

Positions, the most varied and useful of them, you may very well find on the internet, on or Now complete sweep classes, with the most useful of concepts, tricks, precise details and physical exercises to make you a sweeper commanding respect, that you’ll only find in GRACIEMAG!


Check out the NEW GRACIEMAG contents! Face to Face A man of vision Spice up your training with the recipes of Lloyd Irvin. Tribute What…
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