Yuri Simões and the triumph over Keenan Cornelius at the Worlds No-Gi

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Yuri topped Keenan in the absolute final. Photo: Ivan Trindade / GRACIEMAG

Yuri topped Keenan in the absolute final. Photo: Ivan Trindade / GRACIEMAG

Yuri Simões stole the show at the IBJJF No-Gi Worlds, last weekend. The black belt from Caio Terra won the absolute final in California, defeating Keenan Cornelius, and conquering the gold in his weight class and the absolute.

GRACIEMAG had a quick chat with the beast, who revealed how he swept and took Keenan down (4-0) and neutralized his traps. (REVIEW HERE)

4_GB72_StampSite“It was the weekend of my dreams. I was very happy with the results but I was even happier with the way I fought, believing that in every fight I would have my arm raised, after all, I really wanted it; and not only that, I think I deserved it. If you want to win, the only voice you should listen to is your own voice” recalled Yuri.

Over tactics, Yuri did not just fight on top all the time. On the bottom, he managed to even surprise the champion Bernardo Faria, who ended up being submitted with a armbar.

“I played on the top many times, but I also played on the bottom – against Bernardo for example, when I was able to submit. Against Keenan I also started playing guard and got a sweep early on. I think my strategy was to stay aggressive and always moving forward, regardless of where the fight was heading, “analyzed the absolute champion after emerging victorious in four fights in the open and three in ultra heavy weight division.

To see the list with all the champions of the event, visit the IBJJF.org here.

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