Vitor Belfort rules out retirement, wants new UFC fight

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Vitor Belfort vs Gegard Mousasi. Photo: UFC

Vitor Belfort vs Gegard Mousasi. Photo: UFC

After his third loss out of his last four UFC bouts, fans and press have been talking about the possible retirement of former champion Vitor Belfort. But he didn’t get the memo. He seems resolute in his goal to light the flame again and remind people of why he was once MMA’s Phenom.

Belfort had not talked to the press after losing his UFC 204 match to Gegard Mousasi early this month in England. People were anxious to hear from Belfort, who lost more than five positions in the UFC’s middleweight ranking. The statement finally came on social media.

Read the full, unedited message below:

Who does not recognize your own mistakes it is not worthy to lead yourself, even less the people around him. I recognize that I am far from perfect, I am only human; a human being. Once a poet in Brazil wrote: ” – may love be eternal while it lasts”. It is a beautiful fragment of a poem, but a truly consider it naive. If I may and with all do respect, I would re write it like this: ” – may love be eternal while we nurture it.”

I confess that I need to nurture my competitive will inside the Octagon. I must cherish that fire inside of me again. Having recognized that to myself; I DECIDED TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO BURN THAT FLAME AGAIN! Thanks a lot for all the support and advices. But I decided that I will end this chapter of my life looking at the mirror and recognizing myself.

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