Video: Learn the ‘loop choke,’ the submission used by Renan Borges to win the Boston Summer Open

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In case you missed it on yesterday, Renan Borges applyed a beautiful choke to win gold at the Boston Summer Open. Borges applied the “loop choke” while Francisco Iturralde was working to pass guard and secure the back. A few moments later, Borges put his opponent to sleep to take the match and the tournament.

Check out the video above as black belt Marcelo Monteiro from the Indianapolis Jiu-Jitsu Academy gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to accomplish this beautiful submission.

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  1. Leslie Porter at 5:10 am

    Wow! This is pretty impressive. My family and l love this kind of martial arts so much. For me, this is the most admired and loved form of martial arts. This is also a great self-defense for adults and is safe for kids, too. I think, introducing jiu-jitsu early is more advantageous. This helps kids develop good habits like self-control, discipline, etc. which are very much important in their daily lives. Thanks for posting.


  2. Marcello C. Monteiro at 3:26 am

    This Choke is one of my favorite chokes attacks! When I recorded it about 8 years ago, I named this technique "Vinicinho Loop Choke" because my old friend Vinicinho /Vinicius Cruz (Carson Gracie Sr. Black Belt) used to use this technique all the time during his competitions in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil about 20 years ago.

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