Video: Karen Antunes’s flying armbar from the L.A. BJJ Pro

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Karen jumps to stretch Kristina Barlaan’s arm.

Karen Antunes, a sitting IBJJF world champion, has once again shown her refined technique. This time it was at the Los Angeles BJJ Pro, held last weekend in Azusa.

Before entering the absolute division to compete for the 1,500-dollar prize, Karen fought in the featherweight division, whose final she reached opposite the experienced Kristina Barlaan. The duel didn’t last too long — within 15 seconds, Karen had jumped with an attack on her opponent’s arm.

Kristina, upon trying to pull guard, had left her arm exposed. Karen, with a confident jump, caught that arm and lay down with the armbar already set, just an adjustment away from achieving the golden submission.

Watch it here:

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