Unity wins big at Kasai Pro 6

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135lb Tournament Final
João Miyao (Unity) def Edwin “Junny” Ocasio (Unity) via Points (2-1)

Kasai Pro 6 Tournament in Atlantic City, New Jersey ended with the members of Unity fighting each other in a fast-paced match. It was João Miyao who ended up taking the win and the belt, by one extra point, over Junny Ocasio. The fight was very evenly matched with great action from both sides.

A couple of superfights earlier, it was Murilo Santana, Unity’s head, who took the win over Jonavin Webb. The match saw Murilo use his closed guard against Webb, who was able to avert submissions but was not able to do much in terms of points against Santana.

Unity also had a few guys on the undercard that did really well. Looks like that new Unity facility in NYC is starting to produce a good crop of champions.

As promised earlier by Kasai’s CEO, Rich Byrne, the tournament did not disappoint – all the matches were really fast-paced, with quite a few leg lock attacks and a few great submissions. In one of them, Rafael “Barata” Freitas got caught hard and ended up having to leave the tournament due to the injury.

The superfights brought their own amount of excitement. Local Tom DeBlass had the whole crowd with him when he took the stage. He was able to finish off with a great kneebar over Nick Caggia. Matheus Diniz was able to capitalize when Josh Hinger fell on his neck and sunk in a tight RNC to take home the win. The match was a great back-and-forth of styles. Diniz looked like he was on a tear to return the loss to Hinger from when they had faced off before.

Kaynan Duarte had a great back-and-forth match with Patrick Gaudio on the last superfight of the day. Gaudio was able to thwart Duarte’s relentless attempts for submission, even attempting some of his own, but in the end it was Duarte who took the win by points.

Below the full results and the gallery coming up.

135lb Tournament Final
João Miyao (Unity) def Edwin “Junny” Ocasio (Unity) via Points (2-1)

Super Fight
Kaynan Duarte (Atos) def Patrick Gaudio (GF Team) via Points (4-1)

135lb Tournament Third place match
Richard Alarcon (ONE) def John Calestine (Bancho MMA) via Points (4-0)

Super Fight
Matheus Diniz (Marcelo Garcia) def Josh Hinger (Atos) via Submission (RNC)

135lb Tournament Round 3
John Calestine (Bancho MMA) draws Geo Martinez (10 Planet)
Edwin “Junny” Ocasio (Unity) def Masakazu Imanari (Team Roken) via Points (8-1)
João Miyao (Unity) draws Ashley Williams (Chris Rees BJJ)

Super Fight
Murilo Santana (Unity) def Jonavin Webb (Webb BJJ) via Points (7-0)

135lb Tournament Round 2
Edwin “Junny” Ocasio (Unity) def John Calestine (Bancho MMA) via Points (5-2)
Geo Martinez (10 Planet) def Masakazu Imanari (Team Roken) via Points (7-1)
Richard Alarcon (ONE) def Ashley Williams (Chris Rees BJJ) via Points (3-2)
João Miyao (Unity) def Rafael “Barata” Freitas (Gracie Barra) via Submission (Heel Hook)

Super Fight
Tom DeBlass (OCBJJ) def Nick Caggia (KDOJO) via Submission (Kneebar)

Round 1
John Calestine (Bancho MMA) def Masakazu Imanari (Team Roken) via Submission (heel hook)
Edwin “Junny” Ocasio (Unity) def Geo Martinez (10 Planet) via Points (4-0)
Ashley Williams (Chris Rees BJJ) def Rafael “Barata” Freitas (Gracie Barra) via Submission (RNC)
João Miyao (Unity) def Richard Alarcon (ONE) via Submission (RNC)

William Tacket def Nick Ronan via Points (9-0)
Mike Wilcox def Tim Williams via Points (6-4)
Fiona Watson def Yaz Almonte via Submission (Armbar)
Athos Miranda def Garrte Lavaggi via Points (7-0)
Marcio Bittencourt def Marcelo Mattos via Points (4-0)
Daniel Tavares def Nakapan Phungephorn via Points (4-2)
Italo Moura def Izaak Mitchell via Points (6-2)
Lucas Protasio def Jeferson Guraesi via Points (4-2)
Gracie Gundrum def Gabby Etzel via Submission (Guillotine)
Aaron Harris David Brennan via Submission (Heel Hook)
Steve Ramos def Chris Marti via Submission (Baratoplata)
Chloe McNally def Lydia Coleman via Points (2-0)

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