UFC first-timer Caio Magalhães teaches guard pass and finish first

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UFC and Jiu-Jitsu fighter Caio Magalhães training hard in Fortaleza / Photo: Junior Samurai/GRACIEMAG.com

On the coming 8th of June in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Jiu-Jitsu black belt Caio Magalhães will finally be making his UFC debut against also-first-timer Buddy Roberts, 29.

While going through his final preparations at team Nova União headquarters in Rio, the fighter revealed his strategy for winning, and possibly finishing, to GRACIEMAG.com.

“First I’m going to get a feel for the fight. He knows what he’s doing on his feet but always goes to the ground. I’m going to play my game, stand and trade looking for the knockout, but if it goes to my turf I’ll impose my Jiu-Jitsu,” said the native of the Brazilian state of Ceará.

Undefeated in his MMA career, Caio Magalhães was first hired by the UFC to fight at light heavyweight at the UFC Rio show. When his match-up with Fabio Maldonado fell through, he had enough time to shed some weight and join the fray as a middleweight.

“Now it’s the final stretch. I’m training a lot in Rio. I want to show up for the fight in good shape and show my potential,” he stated, before demonstrating one of the positions he intends to use at UFC on FX 3.

“The trick is to put your hand on the hip, keeping your elbow tucked in to not let him get the armdrag. I lower one of my legs and advance; that causes him discomfort on his knee. After raising and lowering it, it’s important to put the knee at his hip and keep the pressure on,” he explains.

Check out the fighter explaining the position to the slightest detail.

The UFC show in Florida will also feature other attraction, for Jiu-Jitsu fans too.Demetrious Johnson and Ian McCall will square off for a second time to determine who takes on Joseph Benavidez for the title in the fledgling flyweight division. Now another son of Ceará State, Carlos Eduardo “Tá Danado”, will face the USA’s Mike Pierce, while Eddie Wineland toes the line against Scott Jorgensen, a bantamweight Daniel Moraes student. Dustin Pague will do battle with Jared Papazian, while the rampant Erick Silva will be looking to take out Charlie Brenneman, and Bernardo Trekko will be going for his first win under the UFC banner, against Henry Martinez.

UFC on FX 3
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
June 8, 2012
 Ian McCall vs Demetrious Johnson
Eddie Wineland vs Scott Jorgensen
Erick Silva vs Charlie Brenneman
Jared Papazian vs Dustin Pague
Josh Neer vs Mike Pyle
Sean Pierson vs Jack Hecht
Leonard Garcia vs Matt Grice
Mike Pierce vs Carlos Eduardo “Tá Danado”
Seth Baczynski vs Lance Benoist
Caio Magalhães vs Buddy Roberts
Tim Means vs Justin Salas
Bernardo Trekko Magalhães vs Henry Martinez

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