Two attacks from the one-leg guard to improve your game

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Today’s video is for you who wants to go training tomorrow with a couple more attacking  options starting from the guard.

Our partners from KVRA produced some high-quality material, seen below, where two entries and inversions from the one-leg guard are shown in detail.

Transcript: “I started [0:21] playing a de la Riva guard. I’ll abandon the grip on the sleeve and replace it with a grip on the pants. I switch take my hook on my partner’s hip under my partner’s hip, I step on the mat, and I push my partner away. I’m gonna put my leg inside, underhook his leg, and place my heel on the hip. I control the hip on the sleeve, switch my foot from the hip underneath, and make a hook. I’m gonna pretend like I’m gonna elevate my partner to sweep, I slide my legs, and switch to the triangle.

“Foot on the bicep. I put my foot on the ground, make him take a step, and place my foot on the hip. I’ve wrapped the leg. I control the lapel. Now I’m gonna get my leg inside to set the one-leg. I’ll make the transition from the one-leg to the X. A hook behind the leg. I put the other leg inside, and I’ve set the X. I remove the base, I lower my leg and I sweep. I’ve come up. I control the lapel and close my elbow. I put my hand on the hem of his pant leg, I come up, I hop, and hug him.”

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