Test your knowledge with the BJJ Worlds quiz

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The enigmatic Walter Pyramid in Long Beach: the stage for the 2013 BJJ Worlds. Photo: GRACIEMAG.


Competing is the most efficient way to test and improve your Jiu-Jitsu, as many an instructor will tell you.

But today GRACIEMAG proposes a different test, one for your memory. Take on this multiple-choice quiz and find out how much you know about the history of the BJJ Worlds. The answers are at the bottom.


1. B.J. Penn is famous for collecting two important titles: the gold at black belt and the UFC belt. What other man accomplished the same?

a) Frank Mir

b) Murilo Bustamante

c) Fabio Gurgel

d) Rodrigo Minotauro


2. He’s the only three-time open-class champion to date. Who is he?

a) Marcio Pé de Pano

b) Fernando Margarida

c) Amaury Bitetti

d) Roger Gracie


3. Who is the female fighter with the most gold medals in IBJJF World Championships?

a) Leticia Ribeiro

b) Leka Vieira

c) Kyra Gracie

d) Michelle Nicolini


4. What year did the BJJ Worlds first land in the U.S.?

a) 2006

b) 2007

c) 2008

d) 1995


5. What type of move, one despised up to that point, did Rodrigo Comprido use to submit Roberto Roleta at the final of the 1999 BJJ Worlds?

a) Foot lock

b) Gogoplata

c) Ezequiel

d) Bicep lock


6. The BJJ Worlds have raised the arms of several pairs of outstanding brothers. Which pair below DOES NOT consist of siblings?

a) Saulo and Alexandre Ribeiro

b) Guilherme and Rafael Mendes

c) Leonardo and Rodolfo Vieira

d) João and Paulo Miyao


7. This legend of the sport decided to return to the BJJ Worlds in 2002 at featherweight, going on to reach the final and be stopped by champion Frédson Paixão. Who is he?

a) Fernando Pinduka

b) Ricardo de la Riva

c) Wallid Ismail

d) Royce Gracie


8. Marcelo Garcia suffered a historical loss at the 2003 BJJ Worlds in the middleweight final. Who did him in?

a) Cassio Werneck

b) Ronaldo Jacaré

c) Gustavo Campos

d) Fernando Tererê


9. These two training partners decided to fight for real in a BJJ Worlds final in 2003. Who are they?

a) Alexandre Café and Delson Pé de Chumbo

b) Marcio Pé de Pano and Roger Gracie

c) Fernando Tererê and Ronaldo Jacaré

d) Fabricio Werdum and Marcio Corleta


10. In 17 editions of the BJJ Worlds, this man fought every single one as a black belt. Who is he?

a) Royler Gracie

b) Wellington Megaton

c) Saulo Ribeiro

d) Rodrigo Comprido




*** Answers ***




1B / 2D / 3A / 4B / 5A / 6C / 7B / 8D / 9B / 10B

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