IBJJF: last day for Paris; end of discount period for Toronto, Vegas, Chicago

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Otávio Sousa, Las vegas Open, absolute, Gracie Barra, champion

Otávio Sousa was the big winner in Vegas in 2013

Maybe you didn’t notice, but this Friday, June 20, is a very important day if you plan to compete in the near future.

Today is the deadline for signing in for four different IBJJF events.

First of all, the final deadline for the 2014 Paris International Open is today.

Hurry and register to compete in the city of lights on June 28-29.

After that, three different events have deadlines today for registration with discount.

Scheduled August 2, registering for the Toronto Open will cost you $95 if you do it today.

The same price you will pay if you decide to register for the Chicago Summer Open (August 9-10) and the Las Vegas Summer Open (August 9).

Don’t miss out and register now.


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