Tech Tuesday: Yuri Simões teaches two ways to defend against and counter the toureando pass

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Yuri Simões is one of the biggest talents coming up in the new generation of black belts.

A no-gi black belt open class world champion, among other accolades, the Brazilian has a wide array of techniques to share with you.

Here he teaches two ways to defend and counter the famous toureando pass with the help of Antonio “Cara de Sapato” Junior.

He explains in Portuguese:

“As the opponent controls my pants I make a grip on his sleeves and as he walks to one side to pass, I follow his movement and stretch his arm. Then I put my elbow in the way and lean forward to trap his arm. As he rolls to defend the arm from an armbar, I go for side control. On the second defense, as he moves to the side to pass, I slide my hip out and put my leg between his body and arm. I also make a kimura grip on his arm. I use my leg and the grip to roll my opponent on his back and capture his arm for the finish.”

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