Tame the butterfly guard with RGOA

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You may have seen here at Graciemag.com videos of BJJ stars using the butterfly guard to take down big tournaments. It’s been done by Fernando Tererê, Vitor Shaolin, Marcelo Garcia, Renzo Gracie and others.

Very versatile and efficient, the butterfly guard frightens many passers — even experienced ones — who don’t quite know how to get rid of the position’s specific controls. But instructor Shawn Williams has you covered.

In a series of lessons produced exclusively for Renzo Gracie Online Academy, Shawn examines multiple techniques to help you catch that butterfly. One of them is this smash pass:

Shawn proposes the following for when the guard player intercepts and wins the double underhook:

In your lifestyle lesson, Sylvio Behring shares a way to control a would-be aggressor without ever touching them:

Don’t waste any more time.

Go to www.gallerr.com/rgoa and enroll in RGOA.



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