Spyder Jiu-Jitsu: Tim Spriggs and Matheus Lutes win GPs in South Korea

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Brown-belt Matheus Lutes beat two black-belts on his way to the top. Blanca Marisa Garcia/GRACIEMAG

In another edition of its GP, Spyder Jiu-Jitsu Invitational mixed elite athletes with lower-belt ones (black, brown and purple) vying for the top of the podium and some healthy prize money. The card played out in the first hours of this Saturday in Seoul, South Korea.

The fights were split into two divisions: under 76kg and under 100kg. In the lighter division, Matheus Lutes, Daniel Sathler, Augusto Tanquinho, Lucas Rocha, Levi Jones-Leary, Mathias Luna, Osvaldo Queixinho and Sanghyeon Lee fought in the groups stage, whereas the heavier division featured Tim Spriggs, Cláudio Calasans, Rudson Mateus, Matheus Diniz, Marcos Tinoco, Anderson Munis, Roberto Jimenez and Hyungcheul Kim.

In the under-76kg division, unstoppable brown-belt Matheus Lutes, a promising fighter from Marcelo Garcia’s Alliance, shone. He defeated world champion Augusto Tanquinho in the semifinals and then beat black-belt Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho by three advantages.

Tim Spriggs celebrates his win over Calasans. Blanca Marisa Garcia

In the heavyweight GP, Tim Spriggs outlasted the competition. Tim kicked off the tourney beating Rudson Mateus, one of the favorites. Tim rode that momentum to a semifinal win versus Alliance’s Matheus Diniz, reaching the final, where he beat world champion Cláudio Calasans 4-2.


Spyder Jiu-Jitsu Invitational
Seoul, South Korea
March 2, 2019

Under 76kg

Matheus Lutes def. Daniel Sathler, kimura
Augusto Tanquinho def. Lucas Rocha 6–0, points
Levi Jones-Leary def. Mathias Luna 3–1, advantages
Osvaldo Queixinho def. Sanghyeon Lee, armlock

Matheus Lutes def. Augusto Tanquinho, decision
Osvaldo Queixinho def. Levi Jones-Leary, decision

3rd place:
Levi Jones-Leary def. Augusto Tanquinho 6–0, points

Matheus Lutes def. Osvaldo Queixinho 3–0, advantages

Under 100kg

Anderson Munis def. Roberto Jimenez , DQ (illegal foot lock)
Cláudio Calasans def. Marcos Tinoco 6–0, points
Tim Spriggs def. Rudson Mateus 2–0, points
Matheus Diniz def. Hyungcheul Kim 13–0, points

Claudio Calasans def. Anderson Munis, decision
Tim Spriggs def. Matheus Diniz 3–0, points

3rd place:
Anderson Munis def. Matheus Diniz 1–0, advantages

Tim Spriggs def. Cláudio Calasans 4–2, points

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