Roger Gracie — a detail to avoid losing the foot lock

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Roger Gracie faz guarda contra Marcus "Bochecha", pelo Metamoris Pro. Foto: John Lamonica/GRACIEMAG

Roger Gracie. John Lamonica

Ten-time BJJ world champion Roger Gracie built a phenomenal career without over-complicating things. Today the London-based teacher shows you a detail pertaining to the foot lock, a position that becomes much deadlier when one heeds his advice.

In the video, produced by our friends over at Dojjo, Roger starts by ruling out the worst way to position yourself to finish on the foot: with your back on the ground. Without the angle to maximize his leverage, and with a support point created for his opponent to get up, the conclusion becomes much harder to achieve.

In Roger’s opinion, the best option is to rest on his shoulder, with his side to his opponent, and locking the leg and hip nice and tight. With a better angle for stretching his opponent’s foot and shin, the move gains more pressure, and the tap-out is inevitable.

Check out below Roger’s lesson for the Dojjo channel.

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