Roberto Cyborg’s kata-gatame pressure from the mount

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Cyborg adjusts on top to finish.

It’s already a tradition for Roberto Cyborg, a teacher living in Florida, to throw himself headfirst to fight the younger black-belts in most editions of the Miami Open. This month he again shone in the tournament, winning titles in his weight class and the absolute, with one interesting detail taking place in the latter.

To nab his second gold medal of the day, Cyborg faced Alexandre Molinaro. Upon pulling, Alexandre saw his guard passed by Cyborg before Cyborg moved on to the mount and set up the winning attack.

First, Cyborg passed his hand under his opponent’s head, separating it from the mat. Then he hooked his opponent’s elbow with the other hand and “walked” with his fingers to bring the arm to the kata-gatame position. After trying on one side, Cyborg went for the other arm and succeeded, then bringing his head and shoulder into the maneuver to apply pressure on top.

Watch the entire progression right here:

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