Rickson Gracie: The toughest belt to get in BJJ

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Rickson explains his reasoning on what belt is hardest to get. Carlos Ozório

Rickson explains his reasoning on what belt is hardest to get. Carlos Ozório

A BJJ coral-belt and legend both in the gi and in MMA, Rickson Gracie is what you would safely call an authority. With numerous titles as well as some epic battles with no prize involved, Gracie has built a solid base in the gentle art throughout decades, and his knowledge has become a reference. In a talk with Graciemag, he explained what the toughest belt is to get in BJJ.

To Gracie, the blue belt is among the most complicated to attain. He says the change from white to blue is not just about attendance, but about the base the athlete has built in the course of their journey.

“At white belt, you don’t have much of an idea,” he says. “There, you start creating your reflexes and understanding of the game. In order to become a blue-belt, you need to know about everything in the sport. You already know how to mount, choke, armlocks and escapes from squeezes. You’ve felt pressure from opponents, you can last longer in training and you know how to breathe properly. You have become a creature of BJJ.”

Gracie says that that knowledge enables the athlete to become a blue-belt. From that point, the sky is the limit. “What is missing in the athlete after the blue belt is practice and reflexes,” the master points out. “They have all they need to get to black — they just need to keep at it.”

What do you think? Let us know whether you agree that it is the blue belt that turns a civilian into a creature of BJJ.

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